Temporary Hold on Equipment Donations!

Thanks to your generousity, as of April 16, the Medicial Equipment Bank 
does not have the space to ACCEPT DONATIONS of medicial supplies or Equipment. We will let you know when we have space again!

The Medical Equipment Bank is like a library: borrow the equipment you need and return it when you are done.

Items are donated and available on a first come first serve basis. Inventory is limited. The best practice is to come view available items in person. Holds are not available.

Thank you for your donations!

During business hours, you can deliver your equipment donation and/or supplies to:
Medical Equipment Bank – located in Sunshine Plaza.

Address: 3537 Martin Way • Olympia, WA 98506
Hours of Business: Tues, Thurs, & Sat 11am – 2pm

Required Forms to Borrow From MEB

The Medical Equipment Bank requires borrowers to fill out the attached form completely before items can be removed from the Medical Equipment Bank.

Family, Friend, Non-Paid Caregiver sign-out sheet
(please fill this form out if borrowing on behalf of someone. Be prepared to show ID for yourself and for the person you are picking up supplies or equipment for. Be sure to have them sign the form stating they have given you permission to do this.) Click Here to Download

Business form
(please fill this form out if you are paid to take care of the person you are borrowing for, be it a facility, or an agency or a self employed caregiver. Be prepared to show your ID and the ID of the person you are picking up supplies or equipment for. The person also needs to sign the form stating they give permission for you to do so.) Click Here to Download 

Facility Sign-Out Sheet
(Please fill this form out if borrowing for yourself and have your ID ready to be checked) Click Here to Download

Application for Assistance With Specific Medical Equipment and Supplies.
Please complete the Thurston County Council on Aging application form to determine if you qualify for specific medical equipment or supplies assistance.

The application for help with medical equipment or supplies shall be filled out. Click Here to Download


Without your equipment and supplies there would be no Medical Equipment Bank!

Thank you for your support and donations!

  • We only accept medical equipment and supplies during business hours (Tues, Thurs, Sat 11am-2pm)
  • To check the availability of hospital beds, lift chairs, hoyer lifts, lift recliners, and adjustable beds call 360.456.8810


To Donate Equipment and supplies: drop off only Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday from 11am-2pm located at Sunshine Plaza. Visit our Locations/Hours page for more information. The Medical Equipment Bank does NOT offer pickup or delivery

The Thurston County Medical Equipment Bank partial list of items:

    • Wheelchairs
    • Portable Commodes
    • Transfer Benches
    • Shower Benches
    • Walkers
    • Crutches


  • Please clean and return the equipment when you no longer need it.
  • WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY MEDICATION OF ANY TYPE. Please dispose of unneeded medications at your local police or sheriff’s department.
  • We DO NOT accept any Physical Therapy Equipment.
  • We DO NOT accept any fabric based braces.
  • We DO NOT accept broken equipment.
  • A doctor’s prescription is required for electric wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, hoyer lifts, beds, lift recliners.
  • We DO NOT furnish batteries for electric wheelchairs, scooters, beds, etc.

Large items, such as hospital beds, lifts, etc. are not stored on site. If you receive a large item and are no longer in need of it, you will need to continue to store it until it is needed by a new person.



  • Disinfect and thoroughly clean the medical item; we will NOT accept dirty items.
  • Make sure that electrically powered items are fully charged
  • Only donate working electrically powered equipment (we will test them before they are unloaded at our store)

We Will NOT Accept:

  • Dirty items (as stated above)
  • Broken items
  • Medications


  • Make sure that small medical supplies are completely sealed in original packaging.



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