Temporary Hold on Equipment Donations!

Thanks to your generousity, as of April 16, the Medicial Equipment Bank 
does not have the space to ACCEPT DONATIONS of medicial supplies or Equipment. We will let you know when we have space again!

The Medical Equipment Bank is working to establish a sustainable, long-term location, by funding the purchase a building for the Medical Equipment Bank.

Goal Amount Needed: $649,000
Down Payment Minimum: $300,000


• Together, the Medical Equipment Bank and Thurston County Council on Aging Board of Directors’ goal is to continue to raise money to purchase a building for the Medical Equipment Bank.
• Fundraising efforts have raised more than $250,000, which is restricted for purchasing a building.
• Fundraising efforts are ongoing through fundraising letters, donation request forms through the Senior News publication, grant writing, and appeals to service organizations, churches, and private individuals for charitable giving.
• Please show your support by making a generous donation. You can fill out the attached form or donate through our website,

We rely on your donations to keep ourselves stocked and available to those in need. We are always accepting medical equipment and supplies as long as they meet our donation requirements. We have donation slips for your records as well. Sorry, we do not offer delivery or pick-up for equipment or supplies.

We accept donations of unopened medical supplies and durable medical equipment in good working condition that has been cleaned.

Please note, we cannot accept prescriptions of any kind, items that are principally fabric or foam, such as knee, back braces, orthopedic boots or items that have expired.

Click the button at the top of this page (or click here!) to donate financially online.

Monetary donations are gladly accepted at the MEB via cash or credit/debit card with a manager, or send them to:

Thurston County Medical Equipment Bank
PO Box 7624
Olympia, WA 98507

A gift to honor or in remembrance: To make a donation in memory of a friend, family member, or a loved one, please contact Executive Director Charlie Kirry at 360.586.3590. In the “memo” area of the check, please print “In remembrance of [NAME]” with your mailed donation so that we may honor that name on our Donor Page.

If you donate: When making a donation, ask for a receipt for the item you donated.
If you are a Medical Equipment Bank volunteer: Your volunteer mileage is tax deductible. Make copies of your volunteer hour log along with your car milage for your taxes.